About us

Founded in 2012, SansPareil Corporate Advisory Group is a boutique cross-border management consultancy firm that provides financial services and business optimization services to the small and medium business and to Enterprise customers.

We have four distinct lines of business and provide services to our clients from our offices located in Chennai in India and Milpitas,CA in the USA. These offices focus on providing a great customer experience via years of relevant executive-level experience of the team combined with a roll up your sleeves and get it done attitude to provide effective solutions to complex challenges.

Our Vision

"To be the distinguished provider of financial and business optimization services to corporates with a view to enhance their value proposition and organizational wellness."

Our Mission

"SansPareil's mission is to be the catalyst, enabler and trusted advisor in helping organizations transform into market leaders by continually providing best of class support and services and by fostering an ecosystem of ownership, responsibility, governance and excellence."

Our Core Values

The value of accountability is the willingness to take responsibility for one's own actions.
Customer Centric
The value of Customer centricity is to drive value and success for a customer and envision things from a customer standpoint.
The value of integrity is the unflinching ability to be honest, candid and ethical in all circumstances.
The value of Discipline is to be organized in approach, thought and action.