Consulting & Advisory Center

Our Consulting & Advisory Center caters to the specific requirements, issues, challenges and opportunities of corporates. Irrespective of the stage of growth of the organization – startup, growing or mature – we provide advisory services that are aligned with the organizational goals while keeping the larger dynamics around economy, market conditions, competition and socio-political scenarios in focus.

As a trusted consultant and advisor we bring in functional expertise and deep domain knowledge to address the situation on hand. Our consulting engagements encompass entry, growth and sustenance strategies.

Primarily, we understand the business and its needs, offer ideas to be reckoned, options to be chosen and strategies to be deployed in the achievement of milestones which will catapult the organization towards achieving desired results faster by optimal use of the resources as well as unlocking its full potential

A typical engagement involves 3 distinct phases :

A representative sample of consulting and advisory engagements include:

  • Business Incubation
  • Situational Analysis
  • Revenue Growth Analysis
  • Cost Control, Reduction and Optimization
  • Profitability & Margin Analysis
  • Costing Analysis & Price determination
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Market expansion advisory
  • Financial Due Diligence