HR Managed Services Center

Oftentimes the success of a corporate is as a result of the corporate DNA that gets embedded in the people and the human resources function.

Most organizations understand that people are core to its success and are constantly looking at options to maximize this critical resource. Human resource function, therefore, must be given the pride of place when determining corporate strategy of the organization. A clearly elucidated set of policies, procedures, guidelines and frameworks are the critical components of the HR policy framework.

Our engagement methodology has a matrix based approach takes into account the size of the organization as well as the HR needs and aspirations of the business.

Here is a representative sample of assessments that we determine, design and deploy:
  • Review of Recruitment & Staffing functions.
  • Training & development Assessments.
  • Review of Induction process.
  • Performance Administration and Management Systems.
  • Compensation & Benefits (including incentive management and rewards management).
  • Inter/Intra departmental communication flow.
  • Payroll administration and compliance.
  • Leave Management Process.
  • Attrition Management.
  • HR Assessments, Audits, Metrics & Reporting solutions.